Bay Harbour Market Review

Hout Bay market


It has been awhile since I last visited the Bay Harbour market and when I went back this Saturday I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been for so long. The Bay Harbour Market is up there as one of my favourites, with the Waterfront Market and the Biscuit Mill. It is situated a few minutes away from the harbour means it makes for the perfect afternoon trip.


From the eclectic mix of African art, vintage clothing to the assortment of books and other trinkets make it great for locals and tourists alike.

What about the food? Well, that is something else entirely. Everything from Chinese dim sum, prego rolls, curries, snacks and sushi stalls line the warehouse and ensure an experience. We each dabbled in dishes from the various stalls and each one was pure perfection.

The latest addition to the market wares is And Beyond Raw who serve up a selection of mouthwatering raw and vegan delights. Think chia pudding with cashew milk, raw pizza and even a raw burger, that is made up of a burger base, wrapped in melted cheese and served on a mushroom bun.

Dr Juice makes great juices  and the The Kitchen Cowboys made an incredible assortment of rolls and sandwiches.

IMG_0433 IMG_0445

All in all, great food and the chance for some shopping while one of the various bands is playing? It makes for a wonderful time.

I am heading back to the market whenever I next get the chance. You should too!

It is open on Friday evenings from 5pm – 9pm as well as Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am – 4pm. Be sure to pop by if you haven’t in awhile!

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