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Where To Go: Ou Meul


Who: Ou Meul Bakkery.

Where 14 Long Street.

Why: Great atmosphere and hearty food.

After stumbling upon, and falling in love with, Ou Muel Bakkery after an event in Willowbridge, I jumped at the chance when Brendon suggested we try their Long Street branch and various offerings.

The Long Street branch is more minimal and industrial esque than it’s suburban counterpart and nestled on the corner of some of the busiest roads in town, it is a prime location. Apparent during out lunch, as the pace never stopped, although it occasionally quietened down for a spell or two.

We took the time to pour over the menu and agonise over what to order. We both settled on the chickpea and lentil burger that we first fell in love with, and the result was surprising.

The burgers were definitely different in taste and texture but I prefer the coarser, veggie filled variation with the perfect matchstick fries and seasoning. It was a hearty and satisfying meal that didn’t leave any room for anything else. I for one know I’ll be back to try many of their other mouthwatering menu items.

Ou Muel is the perfect spot for a coffee break, lunch time meeting or anything in between, with a varied menu, and some vegan options, after doctoring a few things, it’s one to add to your must try list if you haven’t already!




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