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Travel Diaries: Venice


Have been dreaming of Europe lately and my trip to Venice came to mind. I am missing it terribly, getting lost for hours, finding tucked away restaurants and exploring all it had to offer…

IMG_1650IMG_1622Every so often I recall the various antics on my trip to Europe and all that came along with my travels. This time the focus is on the magical city of Venice and my short, but incredible, time spent there.

We started off in Venice on private boat through the waters of the lagoon and visited St Mark’s Square and the historical sites that the city has to offer.

It was just after our arrival that we started off the day with a gondola ride and a glass champagne, it was an absolutely awe inspiring experience and those in charge of our various gondolas, caused laughs abound, by chatting merrily away on their cellphones while steering us through the narrow waterways.

After the trip, we all took a stroll in order to find food and a group of us immediately found ourselves lost in the labyrinth waterways and lanes that make the city so unique.

A few of us found ourselves at Osteria Ae Ponte and settled on their three course offering, needless to say it was some of the most divine, fresh and flavourful food on our trip.

Once we had finally found our way to St. Mark’s Square, it was no small feat, we sampled some gelato and pronounced the second best we had ever tasted, second to Rome of course!

I still remember the sights, sounds and experiences so vividly and am trying to plan my next trip as soon as I can!


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  • Reply Bea March 7, 2015 at 12:41 PM

    Still sure I will most probably never find that restaurant again!!! Some of the best food!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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