True Combat Review

I have always wanted to try my hand at martial arts since I gave them up when I was younger, so when I was invited to sessions at the newly opened Muay Thai studio, True Combat, in Bree Street, I simply couldn’t say no.

The space is small but inviting and while the class size fluctuates anywhere from three people to close to fifteen, the classes instructors, Kru Den, the Muay Thai master from Thailand and Elton, the Johannesburg native make sure to focus on each in terms of form, with helpful tips and tricks each time they do their rounds.

The classes are an incredible workout, starting with the usual warm up, then into skipping and finally into various drills that focus on core movements in both boxing and Muay Thai, finally finishing off with an ab workout and cooldown.

Every class is sure to release some steam and leave you feeling great and it’s without a doubt the most energetic, fun and rewarding workout I have ever tried. I’ll be back later next month for more!

Want to experience it for yourself? Why not join them for a free trial session Monday – Thursday at 6PM. Trust me, it’ll only take that one class to get you hooked!

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