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I’ve always been intrigued by Huawei and when I received the Mate 7 to review I was excited to test it out. The result? A seriously impressive offering, in terms of specifications, attention to detail and overall use.

In the battle against Apple, everyone in the space is going slimmer, faster and getting bigger and Huawei is no different.

I decided to review the phone alongside the iPhone 6 Plus to see how it stacked up in terms of consumers making a change, or for those who wanted to keep their options open and try something new when upgrading.

6-inch phones are the new normal and while it is large, it is surprisingly lightweight wasn’t as bulky as expected. The Mate 7 also has a fingerprint scanner, conveniently located on the back of the phone and it’s easy to use and accessible.

The 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution makes for crystal clear viewing and the Android KitKat operating system is sleek, easy to use and provides enough customisation and options to keep anyone and everyone happy.

The battery life is something else, with different features including Ultra, Smart, or Normal depending on your use. It’s a brilliant, and much needed, feature for most phones, and is a huge plus in my book.

The Mate 7 really shines is with the 13-mega pixel front facing camera. Many been waiting for Apple to upgrade theirs from an 8 mega pixel and it hasn’t happened yet. Huawei show the possibilities there. The low-light performance option is another bonus.

Overall, the attention to detail, sleek look and feel, coupled with the impressive camera and battery features make the Mate 7 a formidable phone in an even more formidable market. If you are on the look out for something, then I would highly recommend it!

Photo Credit – NDTV

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