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Go Beauty

I’m all for services that make life easier or add an edge to anything, especially everyday tasks, so when I discovered GoBeauty, I knew it was an incredible find.

I was invited to the launch of the GoBeauty and it was everything I had hoped for and more. The service allows you to find an array of salons near you and book treatments straight from WeChat. It uses your location to identify all the spas and salons in your area and offers various options from treatments to therapists from each salon.

It is oh so convenient and couldn’t be simpler to use, it’s also extremely user friendly and works well across both Android and IOS platforms.

It is a brilliant move on both their parts, WeChat is looking gain market share and to become more than the chat messenger it is most commonly known for, and become a platform for connectivity. Moves towards this are being made, done through a series of services offered through the app, to cater to every need.

So why is GoBeauty the perfect fit? Apps for every kind of beauty, health or wellness need are popping up in the United States and are causing a stir. GoBeauty is no different and offers convenience with the click of a button. What is not to love?

I can’t wait to follow the progress on it all. Am looking forward to more even more exciting developments!

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