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Beauty Haul: Tresemmé Heat Defence Spray


Every girl has that go to product that they can’t get enough of. Mine happens to the Tresemmé Heat Defence spray. It is one of those products I always am stocked up on and haven’t strayed from in the past few years.

I use my GHD almost every day and the spray does a great job of protecting my hair from heat. It is lightweight, smells amazing, doesn’t leave your feeling sticky and the results are smooth and shiny hair. You really can’t go wrong with it!

On the odd occasion where I have forgotton to use it, I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of my hair, because of that, it was my go to product on my trip through Europe. I was so happy to have it with the air changes and found that it worked just as well.

I haven’t found much need to ever switch or try anything else as it does the job perfectly, every time. So if you are looking for something new, you definitely have to try it!

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