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I have been back in South Africa for just over awhile now and haven’t yet posted about my Europe trip in during June and July. Half of me just wants to hop on a flight back and keep travelling but commitments and work mean that just isn’t possible. For awhile at least…

I decided to take the plunge and do a two week Contiki trip after Jess – from Smudged Beauty –  suggested it after her trip. So after weeks of budgeting, figuring out flights and dates and a lot research I was off.

The tour was starting in London we would make our way through France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Germany, the Netherlands with a quick stop in both Austria and Belgium too. I was doing it all solo and couldn’t wait to discover all Europe had to offer.

I left Cape Town on June 12th and flew directly to London on British Airways, after which I decided no matter how much cheaper other airlines are, I will always fly direct when possible, it saves so much hassle, those 8 hour layovers are just not worth it!

IMG_0788 IMG_0792 IMG_0799 IMG_0813 IMG_0827While waiting to board I met a Capetonian who was also travelling solo and doing a Contiki trip after mine. I also met a Canadian who was on her way back home after a year in Cape Town. After a rather uneventful flight I landed in Heathrow and ran into the Capetonian again. We decided in a bid to miss morning rush hour on the tube to opt for coffee instead and ended up taking a late train into central.

The second I arrived in the UK I fell in love and I couldn’t wait to explore more. After I finally managed to find my hotel which was literally a two minute walk from Russell Square station, I had gone in the wrong direction for awhile, I left my bags in the Contiki basement, borrowed a phone charger and then went for a quick Chinese lunch.

I decided to save the serious sight seeing for when I was back in London after the tour, little did I know that would all change, and instead went for a walk along the main street, where I stumbled upon Tescos and had my first experience with wanting to buy every Lindt/Toblerone slab I could. It was all ridiculously cheap!

In the evening, we had a group meet up at the local pub where we sat around drinking beers, getting to know each other followed by a walk to try and find food and snacks for the start of the trip the next morning. A rather interesting feat as no one had any idea of where they were going!

By the end of the evening it had finally all sunk in. I was off for a whirlwind trip and in for the time of my life.

ps Keep an eye out for Day 1 & 2: Dover and Paris!

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  • Reply jess August 16, 2013 at 8:13 AM

    aaaaaah i remember my night before contiki like it was yesterday. cant wait for the other posts!

  • Reply Travel Diaries. Day 1 & 2. Dover and Paris. September 10, 2013 at 9:15 AM

    […] a great day in London, the tour started bright and early, at 6:45, the next morning. We departed to make our way through […]

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